Alfill Heat Insulation System

- The roof and walls of buildings
- Soil-contact places
- Floors separating floors
- Plumbing pipes and ventilation ducts
- Garage, warehouse, such as is done on the walls overlooking the heated sections.

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Exterior and Interior Machine Wall Plaster Mortar

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Our Company

Operating under ALTAS GROUP, ALFILL Construction Chemicals established in 2005 in Trabzon and one of the required brands of the construction chemicals industry is in a short time in the region and international arena.

The aim is to improve together and share having information and the experience with his customers and dealers as seeing his partner.

Growing continuously with R&D and Quality Control activites ,ALFILL serves  to his customers with adhesives ,joint fillers,repair and strengthening products ,mortar additives,flooring systems ,waterproofing systems, wall systems,natural products,plastering materials,membranes and other product groups.

These products stand out with the quality,price advantage,easy usage,energy and labor saving,natural and environmentally friendly .And also all raw materials and  produced products closely related to product quality offered to the market after being passed through the necessary controls in our laboratories .

ALFILL;  has the quality certificates such as TSE, TSEK , certificates of quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and also has in Foreign markets requested other quality documentations .

ALFILL attends to continuously domestic and international fairs to increase its brand value and to organize various trainings .

ALFILL has a modern infrastructure, manufacturing and machine park,increasing capacity to 6 times more since 2012 April to serve better his customers and to reduce further costs. Thus the renewed vision has started to give better service not only domestic dealers as well to foreign dealers .

ALFILL continues to provide professional, accurate and economical solutions to the construction sector with professional staff you can always rely on and with the construction chemicals from fundamental to the roof of  the construction sector as the correct address of product and customer –focused understanding .


The Importance of Thermal Insulation

  Thermal insulation for a healthy
and comfortable life we must
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  Willa Buildings

Yildizli Guven Hospital


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